Quiet City Design is founded on the idea that creativity and productivity are collaborative exercises.  Working with clients throughout each project’s creative process keeps the direction and schedule on track, and allows the client to provide immediate and regular feedback.

But collaborating isn’t always easy when working across several communication tools, especially with multiple participants.  Email conversations can become disjointed, attachments get duplicated and misplaced, and decision makers can be left out of the loop.

The Nucleus provides clients with powerful and easy to use online project management. With the ability to upload and download files up to 200MB, start and contribute to discussion forums, attach comments and feedback to files and tasks, as well as monitor and track progress on the project, projects are completed quickly and efficiently.

Other advantages to using The Nucleus include:

  • Dashboard with all projects, contacts, actions, etc
  • Specify project member assignments
  • Email notification of activity
  • Multiple projects under one company profile
  • Track milestones, tickets and tasks
  • Project and company calendar view
  • File sharing, version control, commenting
  • Secure online for safe, universal access
  • Track and pay invoices online


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