Quiet City Design Launches New Look


It’s been said that the worst client is yourself.  After many months of designing, redesigning, reverting, scrapping and designing all over again, Quiet City Design has finally developed a new logo.

The original logo, circa 2008

The original logo was admittedly created in haste, at a time when distressed vintage artwork was very influential.  The notion was to get a logo on business cards in time for a major event, then rework it when time allowed.  That was 3 years ago.

Since then, ideas have come and gone, been explored, shelved, brought back out and redeveloped, etc, etc.  Ultimately, the process was slowed due to increasing client work and decreased free time.  The Christmas holidays finally marked a break long enough to complete the work.

Along with the new logo comes a brand new website.  It’s been completely redesigned in fashion and function. New features include a dynamic portfolio of recent work, showcasing many different projects and their various components, as well as a library of news posts and helpful tips & tricks to make your business work easier and better.

If you are a new visitor, please enjoy reading these posts, exploring the portfolio and learning about “the quiet city”. For existing clients, thank you for your business and many returns. Drop me a line or add a comment to your project’s portfolio entry!

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  1. Love the logo, great new look. Nice work!

    • Thanks, Matt. I can’t wait to see your next video project, too.

  2. Great work. I know it can take time and a lot of late nights to get these things just the way you want them.

    • Thanks for the great feedback, Scott. Time for your own work always takes the longest, taking the back seat to client work! I hope things are busy for you in Calgary as well!

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