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Quiet City Design has developed new relationships with vendors which have helped to expand the types of services offered to include promotional elements such as stickers, custom die-cut cards and brochures, printed and embroidered apparel items, and more.

Video production has been a steadily growing option for many clients. Video production projects can range from animated photo slideshows to interview and creative film footage, post-production editing and titling, DVD authoring and web-media streaming.  Check out some of the recent video productions and consider how video might enhance your next print or web project.

Building and maintaining web content can be challenging if you’re not up to date with your website framework. WordPress is a free content management system that makes updating and expanding your website easy without special software or knowledge of scripting languages.  If your website is outdated and hard to maintain, consider having it converted to a WordPress framework.  QCD has converted several static HTML sites into powerful and easy to use dynamic websites.

Do you know how many people visit your website each month, week or day? Do you know how long they stay online, or what content they are viewing the most?  Web statistics can help you make your website be more targeted or user-focused.  Contact QCD to find out how easy it is to get reports sent to your email every week.

Do you use PowerPoint at work, church or during special events or occasions?  Most PowerPoint templates are dull, bulky and awkward to use.  Quiet City Design has experience creating branded, light-weight and dramatic PPT templates for a variety of purposes.  Check out a few recent PPT presentations to see how exciting a good presentation can be.

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