2010 Christmas Kettle Campaign

Project Requirements

The Salvation Army Christmas kettle is as recognizable at Christmas as Santa and Frosty. The major fund-raising campaign of the year has been around for over 100 years. The Salvation Army in Ontario wanted to refresh and modernize the branding to remain relevant and appealing.

Re-branding the campaign with the association of the bell-ringing attendants, new promotional material and media was required. Printed and digital versions of resources were needed to distribute across the region.

Several campaign resources were needed for administration and public use, including recognition and networking tools. Resources were to be distributed through the Kettle campaign’s main website.

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The Process

Focusing on kettle attendants use of small, red hand bells to attract attention, the “Kettle Campaign” was re-branded with a tag line “Ring in Christmas with The Salvation Army” implied an inclusive action for any person, whether as a participant or donor. A sleek and modern bell icon paired with the sharp and clean lines of the Avenir font-face gave the logo its contemporary look.

Promotional material included two sets of posters aimed at soliciting volunteer kettle attendants.  Downloaded PDF files allowed for text areas to be entered before printing on demand, providing each unit with customized contact information. A 3-panel brochure was developed in print and digital formats. It featured a historical review of the campaign, how funds are used throughout the year, and the many ways individuals, businesses and organizations could be involved.

A promotional video was produced to aid presentations. Using a series of photographs taken at various locations, the video provided moving examples of how The Salvation Army gives hope every day of the year. The video was available online as well as in DVD format.

During the campaign, kettle attendants at each station distributed glossy, printed calendar cards with the name and contact information of the Salvation Army unit donors were supporting.  Sponsors, volunteers and major givers were recognized with a certificate, customized and printed on-demand using downloaded PDF files.

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Finished Results

The new campaign logo was immediately well received by The Salvation Army and the public, helping bring more awareness and publicity to the campaign.

Local and regional units were supplied with numerous resources without causing waste from excess or unused materials. The promotional videos helped many units elevate their campaign involvement by including them on their websites.

Accurate and up-to-date content was achieved with print-on-demand posters and brochures to supplement the initial print run. Shipping costs were minimized with downloaded PDF files for regional units.

Long-term public recognition and points of contact were maintained with the full-colour certificates and calendar cards.

  • successful, modern logo design
  • public and organization recognition
  • minimized production costs with digital files
  • customized posters and brochures
  • multiple application video for broad usage and exposure

Many thanks to Kathryn Ballantine for voice-over tracks, and Mark Yan for location photography.

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More Project Elements

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