A Voice Not Stilled CD

Project Requirements

Mary Kenedi, pianist and recording artist, needed a dramatic packaging design for her latest CD.

The music on the recording was in a romantic and programmatic style, and she wanted something to represent it visually.

As a self-produced recording, budget restrictions were a concern.

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The Process

Mary’s last few CD covers used architecture and vibrant, over exposed colours. This design was approached with a purely organic theme. To represent the theme of the title, a very unnatural illustration of red flowers growing from the moss covered boulder in a forest was created.

The content of the CD booklet was set across a single page, 8-panel insert.  The CD label was printed in full colour, setting the flowers against a white background.

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Finished Results

The CD cover garnered attention from critics and supporters.  A similar looking poster was added to the project to promote the CD in stores and at live recitals. Keeping the insert booklet to a single page kept manufacturing costs down.

  • organic theme cover art
  • cost-effective printing
  • visually contrasting to discography

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More Project Elements

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