BAND T-shirts

Project Requirements

Humber Summit Middle School has a highly academic and artistic curriculum and a strong music program. Quiet City Design was asked to create a non-traditional school band uniform that would inspire and motivate the pre-teen students.

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The Process

A wildly dramatic illustration was created using instruments from the band as shapes and lines.  Using their instruments as the design element connected the members to the uniform.

This design was silk-screen printed in 2 colours on the front of black cotton t-shirts. “B.A.N.D.” was printed across the back to give the uniform a street-wise edge.

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Finished Results

The durable t-shirts were an instant hit with the band members. Many of the kids wore the shirts to school as casual clothing.

The street-art style appealed to the young rest of the school audience members and supporters.

  • durable, casual t-shirt uniform
  • street-art style for “cool factor”
  • kids more excited about music

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More Project Elements

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