In Quiet Confidence CD

Project Requirements

The Canadian Staff Band of the Salvation Army, based in southern Ontario, approached QCD for another CD package design.  The theme and style of the recording suggested a familiar and enduring visual impression, but in keeping with the progressive and modern direction of the band.

The text and photos within the package were heavy, and needed to be typeset with clarity in mind. The demographic of listeners range from young to old, and the CD needed to appeal to a very broad audience.

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The Process

Taking inspiration from the lyrics of the title track, the front cover featured a dramatic, steep perspective silhouette of a cross against a brilliant blue sky, with storm-front clouds looming to the side. The focus of the cross is highlighted by the rays of light from one side and the curved shape of the cloud formation on the other.

The same image was used throughout the CD package, cropped and positioned differently to shift perspective and focus. To accommodate the large amount of text in the program notes, a 12-page booklet was used, incorporating balanced columns and margins. Photos of the band in performance were placed strategically to break up and separate different text.

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Finished Results

Once complete, the CD was fresh and striking in appearance amongst the typical brass band collection. Delivered in time for the CSB’s European tour, the CD was both a fund-raising tool as well as revenue generating merchandise while overseas.

Digital versions of the CD cover were also provided for online and print promotions, helping to generate interest and spur on early sales.

  • Striking and unique cover design
  • Efficient page layout for booklet
  • Modern approach to well-known title
  • Marketing resources supplied to client

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More Project Elements

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