Intrada Brass Banner

Project Requirements

Intrada Brass of Oakville needed a multipurpose, attention-getting display for concerts and events. A pop-up banner graphic to highlight the band and its contact information would be used at ticket and merchandise tables. The band logo was provided, but all other creative was at the liberty of Quiet City Design.

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The Process

Having an intimate understanding of the audience culture was essential to breaking out of the typical brass banding style. A 3-dimensional illustration with strong perspective was the basis of the design. Using extruded blocks or columns, different information about the band was conveyed at different depths. Using a slight angle to the illustration, viewers would require a little bit more attention to take in the text.

The colour pallet of yellow, blue and green made the display stand out in any environment. The banner height of 80″ produced a dramatic canvas size for the illustration.

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Finished Results

The banner graphic exceeded expectations from the band as well as the audience. The pop-up banner releases quickly into a spring-loaded base, making set up and tear down fast and easy. The bright colours livened up the image of the band and drew more attention to their display tables during concerts and events.

  • dramatic display drew attention
  • colourful graphic illustration boosted band image
  • pop-up banner easily assembles for fast display

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