LOVE (Video Animation)

Project Requirements

A wedding ceremony was to be transformed into a multi-discipline concert including live and pre-recorded performances by friends and family of the bride and groom. One of the concert’s contributors was digital painter, Lia Hiltz, and needed a delivery that captured the essence of the art in a dramatic, live situation.

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The Process

Lia had provided flattened jpeg files of the progression of the piece, showing the development and layering effects used to create the art.  An immediate sense of jumping motion was revealed when quickly flipping through the images, and inspired a stop-motion style animation for the presentation.

Using a high-energy soundtrack, edited down to under 2 minutes, the jpegs were set up in Adobe After Effects for animating.  In time with the beat of the music, the animation follows the flow of the melody.  Close up sequences were used throughout the animation to reveal only minute details to the audience.  As the music intensifies near the end, the animation quickens, and finally reveals the artwork in its entirety.

The presentation was exported as a media file and projected on a 10′ wide rear-projection screen which was the backdrop of the concert stage.

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Finished Results

The finished animation was an exciting and energetic moment in the event’s program, and honoured another art form in an otherwise music-based concert.

  • incorporated non-performance discipline in concert setting
  • built energy and excitement in program
  • exported media format for multiple applications

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