McArthur Tribute Presentation Video

Project Requirements

The Salvation Army was to issue it’s highest award to Robert and Shirley McArthur for their decades of missionary service throughout the Caribbean. The Order of the Founder was awarded during Christmas with The Salvation Army at Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall in a special and surprise presentation. A short tribute video was needed to give an overview of the McArthurs’ work.

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The Process

Using archival family photos provided by Robert and Shirley’s family, a brief animated video was produced. While the photos included were comprehensive, they only spanned a short period of 12-15 years due to the availability of photo albums.

The photos were placed in a video editing suite, animated to focus attention, and synchronized with an upbeat instrumental music track. The flow of the track naturally provided a pace and structure to the video’s narrative. The video and music climax dramatically to give the audience an inspirational emotional response.

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Finished Results

The presentation was delivered to a capacity audience by Commissioner William Francis during an already emotionally charged Christmas concert. The recipients were very surprised to see the tribute video broadcast on two 14′ projection screens.

DVD versions of the tribute video was provided to the family to share with other friends and family.

  • animated photos for increased visual interest
  • retrospective and inspirational message
  • music and chronological story reinforced
  • memento provided to family for sharing

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More Project Elements

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