NTIM Website

Project Requirements

The existing website for the North Toronto Institute of Music, while expertly coded in PHP, lacked the visual design needed to convey the school and its programs. NTIM needed a bold, expressive and stimulating redesign.

It was also important that managing the content on the site be simple and quick, without knowing anything about PHP or HTML languages.

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The Process

The site’s colour pallet features a splash of vibrant green taken from the NTIM logo. The navigation system, turned to a horizontal position, uses drop-down menus for directed searching.

Teacher profiles are organized in a database by instrument, sortable through the navigation sub-categories. WordPress was the development framework of choice for easy content management.

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Finished Results

The new site is dynamic and fresh looking.  School administration has web-based access to the content for fast and simple editing and populating of pages, without needing to understand HTML, PHP or other web programming languages.

  • Vibrant presentation
  • Easy to navigate
  • Simple CMS for editing

Visit NTIMusic.com

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More Project Elements

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