Paradigm Printing Website

Project Requirements

Paradigm Printing Inc., a full service printing company in Toronto’s west-end, needed to develop an online presence to expand its customer base and increase business.

The website needed to be eye-catching and modern to stand out from other printing companies. A special focus on including educational and informative content for existing and potential customers was important. Aesthetics and functionality were to be equally balanced.

It was also important that Paradigm Printing had an easy way to manage content, to publish articles and post date-sensitive specials and promotions.

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The Process

Using bold colours and a compartmental layout, the website features a dynamic homepage, immediately introducing the company’s services and capabilities. A large image slider loops automatically, or can be shuffled manually by the visitor’s mouse clicks.

A simple and consistent drop-down menu provides the visitor with clear navigation of the entire site.

Longer page content was presented in toggle and tabbed blocks to condense and categorize the information, allowing for less or no page scrolling and faster reading and searching.

Customized email forms for general contact and quote requests were created to streamline the initial correspondence between Paradigm and new customers.

The WordPress framework was used to develop the website for easy, web-based content management. Pages, images, media and more could be organized and published with little or no web language knowledge.

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Finished Results

After launching the new website, Paradigm Printing Inc saw a steady increase in online activity and email inquiries.

The modernĀ  and interactive website design with customer-focused content helped Paradigm win RFQ’s and present itself as a strong leader in the Southern Ontario print industry.

  • Dynamic, eye-catching design
  • Simple content management system
  • Customer-focused content
  • Increased online presence = increased customer base

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More Project Elements

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