PRD Sharks

Project Requirements

The Salvation Army Hockey League has been around for decades, pitting church teams against each other for generations. The PR Department sponsored a team in 2010, and wanted an aggressive but fun logo for the team: The PRD Sharks. The logo would be silk-screen printed on hockey jerseys. It also needed to be used online and in print.

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The Process

The logo was designed with a heavy lined, graphic-novel style of illustration for definition and character. The shark illustration set against a radial gradient background gives the logo depth and focus.

Spot colours and half-tones were used  to keep screen printing costs to a minimum,using a nautical colour pallet.  A grayscale and black & white version were prepared for other imprinting applications.

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Finished Results

The custom designed logo was a big motivator for the team, and helped the sponsor stand out in the league amongst generic team brands. The logo is clearly visible in the ice from the arena bleachers.

  • high-profile sponsor logo
  • logo inspired team loyalty
  • aggressive and family-friendly style
  • multiple formats and applications ready

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