Yorkminster Centenary

Project Requirements

Yorkminster Citadel (formerly Earlscourt Citadel) of The Salvation Army celebrates its 100th anniversary with a year of special events and activities. Quiet City Design was asked to create a logo to brand centenary event materials.

Concert promotions, programmes and other pieces were needed throughout the year to develop interest and involvement within and outside the church congregation. It was required to be applicable to multiple media formats. Large pop-up banners were to be created for display throughout the year.

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The Process

Yorkminster Citadel is a uniquely shaped church, with a steep A-frame structure.  The triangular icon of the logo resembles the building’s exterior wall in profile.

The colours used in the logo are retrospective of Earlscourt’s highly recognizable brass band uniforms worn from its origins until the early 1990’s. The clean lines of the icon mixed with the golden scroll banner suggests the merging of tradition and contemporary relevance reflective of Yorkminster’s congregation.

Hundreds of rare and aging photos were collected and used to create a mural of photos for the banners. Each banner measured 80″ high and 24″ wide. They could stand apart, but placed side-by-side, the mural connected across each inside edges to create one huge display.

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Finished Results

Attached to all programme covers, tickets, printed and video announcements, and posters, the logo set apart anniversary events from regular activities at the church. It has become easily identifiable by the congregation and friends of the church as a special brand during the year-long celebration. The banners drew much attention from all generations, sparking nostalgic conversations and memories.

Design work was donated pro-bono. Printing costs were cut down by producing the handbills and event tickets with the church office colour printer. The 8-page programme booklet was saddle stitched from two 8.5″x14″ pages, printed without bleeds on a digital press.

  • special event branding
  • represents past, present and future
  • easily applied to all media formats

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More Project Elements

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