Graphic Design

A Definition

Graphic design, also known as visual design, refers to the visual communication of information using elements such as color, images, typography and layout. Unlike the visual fine artist, a graphic designer creates design intended to be used with commercial printing/reproductive processes in both two- and three-dimensional presentations.

Graphic Design Services

Quiet City Design uses a range of design techniques and styles which are appropriate to clients and their target audience. The creative process for every project involves client input and feedback to ensure the design stays on target and avoids surprising, unsatisfactory results.

Design services include logo and brand identity, layout for documents as small as business cards up to multi-signature publications. Graphic design for special events can include advertising posters and brochures, venue signage, convention and trade-show displays and backdrops.

Other graphic design services for your business can include internal and external publications and tools such as newsletters, journals, annual reports, business forms and calendars. Promote your company or product with well designed advertisements, flyers and direct-mail brochures, POP displays and branded sales material such as paper bags.

No matter what the graphic design need, Quiet City Design can create and produce the solution. Review the portfolio for examples of recent graphic design projects.

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