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Save Often

Here is a simple trick. Save your work often. Too simple a tip, you say? Why am I mentioning it here, you might say? Because most people STILL DO NOT save their files until they are done working with them.

Imagine a well-known author working on a manuscript for a sure-to-be best seller novel. This author decides that the pressures of working within walls stifles his creativity, so the decision is made to work outside. All of the work is done outside and written on sheets of paper. The author decides, to make the writing process easier, to scatter the papers around.

It rains. It thunderstorms. A dog comes running through the paper. Any way you look at it, the paper is ruined.

That’s what you are doing when you don’t save a file in progress but wait until you are finished to save your work. You are trusting your file to the elements. A power surge can strike; a program error could crash the o/s; someone could trip over the plug. UPS systems can fail. I have seen each of these things happen personally so I can attest to the fact.

Heed this warning for your own data safety.

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