The Facts on Faxes

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In this modern age of email, tweets, SMS, BB, and any other new form of electronic communications, it’s easy to maintain a consistent brand identity. Many businesses, however, still rely heavily on fax machines and photocopiers for hard-copy document transmissions.  Your brand identity may be suffering through this low-fidelity duplication process!

For those who have a colour logo, have you ever checked what it looks like on the receiving end of a black & white fax? Yikes!  Fax machines and older-model photo copiers use scanners that see colours unevenly (or barely at all), and printers print unpredictably, logo colors are basically uncontrollable. The threshold for grayscale levels is very narrow, so certain colours become black or white.

The original colour logo...

What the scanner sees...

What the fax recipient gets!

The solution is to use a black & white or grayscale version of your logo, which allows for a closer transmitted fax or photocopy match.

Grayscale version of the logo...

What the fax recipient gets!

Does your company have a black & white or grayscale version of it’s logo? Consider all of the various physical and electronic applications it is reproduced by and contact Quiet City Design to help make your brand always stand out.

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