How to Request More Google Reviews: 7 Effective Strategies

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Unlocking the Power of Google Reviews

Can we get real about Google Reviews for a minute? Because if you’re like most small business owners I’ve worked with, you either already know that these reviews can be pure gold, or perhaps you’ve not given it much thought at all.

Either way, I hope you can take away some valuable new perspective from this article.

I remember working with a café owner who viewed Google Reviews as an uncontrollable beast. She was under the impression that reviews just happen… The good, the bad and the ugly.

Fast forward a few months, and her perspective took a 180° turn after we implemented a structured approach to requesting reviews.

That’s right, asking for reviews rather than waiting for them can transform your business’s online reputation and presence. Who knew?

7 Strategies That Just Work

Now, let me walk you through seven strategies that have proven effective not only for cafes but across various industries. These are not your run-of-the-mill tips; they’re strategies that blend seamlessly into the customer experience, making the ask natural and effortless.

1. Personalize Your Requests

Nothing beats a personal touch. Whether it’s through email, text, or in person, make sure you let your customer know that their feedback is valuable to you. Mention a specific aspect of their visit or purchase. This shows you care and makes the request feel less generic.

2. Capitalize on the Moment of Delight

Timing is everything. Ask for a review when your customer is most satisfied with your service – right after a compliment, a successful project, or a resolved issue. This is when they’re most likely to share their positive experience.

3. Use Review Request Cards

A physical card can work wonders, especially for local businesses. Hand out a card with your review page link at the checkout or include it with the delivery of a product. People appreciate tangible reminders, and it shows a level of professionalism and sincerity.

4. Employ Email Automation Wisely

Automated emails can take the hassle out of requesting reviews, but be careful not to lose the personal touch. Ensure your emails feel individualized and are timed appropriately after the purchase or service is provided.

5. Leverage Your Social Media

Who doesn’t love a good shout-out on social media? Encourage your followers to share their experiences and tag your business. Not only does this create new, authentic content for your page, but it also directs satisfied customers towards leaving a Google review.

6. Host an Event

Ever thought about throwing an event as a review booster? Hosting an in-store event, workshop, or webinar creates a direct channel to interact with your customers. It’s the perfect opportunity to encourage them to share their thoughts on Google.

7. Don’t Be Shy to Remind

Life gets busy, and people forget – it’s normal. If your first request didn’t get you a review, it’s okay to send a gentle reminder. Just ensure it’s done respectfully and not too soon after the initial ask. A little nudge can go a long way.

Turning ‘Asks’ into ‘Opportunities’

Employing these seven strategies can significantly increase your Google Reviews and, in turn, your local business’s visibility and credibility. But remember, the key to turning these ‘asks’ into ‘opportunities’ is to maintain authenticity and show genuine appreciation for your customers’ feedback – be it positive or constructive.

Feeling inspired but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re wondering how to integrate these strategies into a cohesive marketing effort? That’s where I come in. Quiet City Design is at your service to discuss how we can customise and implement these strategies to elevate your business.

Remember, every review is a chance to build relationships, improve, and showcase why your business is the choice for your community. So let’s make the most of it, shall we? Reach out, and let’s transform your approach to Google Reviews together.


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