"I do my very best to help local business owners reclaim their revenue, customers and time, without taking them away from what they do best."

Len Marshall
Owner & Founder
Quiet City Design
Darryl Dioso HR4U

Len is a true Digital Marketing expert and sincerely cares about helping your business grow. At HR4U, we use their SwitchBoard tool for our phone and text company communications. I HIGHLY recommend partnering with Len.

Barry McDonald SmallGyfts

I became aware of Len from feedback he first provided on a question I asked in a forum. He leads with value to demonstrate his expertise. I appreciate the time he took to review my new site and the level of detail of his suggestions.

Sheron Mingo Y Author

Len is personable and a brilliant collaborator and business leader. He is a social media expert and an engaging webinar presenter. I recommend you connect with Len and explore his services.

Roberta Vigilance EventsAndSponsors.com

Len was a presenter at the TCWP Webinar. I followed his recommendation that has already saved my business money.

John Henderson Henderson Total Maintenance Ltd

Len is a well-spoken and thoughtful communicator which is what you want in someone designing marketing for your firm. He has a great grasp of the skills required to envision what is normally missed by others.

Christina Demmings Mortgage Agent

Len is helpful and professional, and is an expert in knowing how to connect and help his clients!

Jade Meyerhoffer KSI Digital

Len is a great asset to any local business! I always appreciate his willingness to share with others and collaborate. If you are ready for a new marketing strategy or a service to elevate your current strategy - Len will be able to lead you in the right direction!

Dennise Conforti Organized MD

Len helps business owners Organize the digital stuff, by helping businesses connect the dots and get connected, while streamlining their digital systems to improve business.

I help local business owners find new and more frequent customers using everyday technology.

What does that actually look like?  For the most part, leveraging people’s attachments to their phones.

Most people keep their phones within arm’s reach.  Rarely are phones in another room. 

And with today’s technology-packed smart phones, everything is just one tap away:

The internet, email, social media, text messages, chat apps, and of course, phone calls!

Together, we dig deep into your company’s existing digital and offline marketing profile and find creative ways to streamline your leads’ and customers’ experience.

Website Development
Online Review Generation
SMS Text Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Customer Conversion Optimization
Email Marketing
Content Generation
Social Media Marketing
Digital & Print Advertising
And much more!

How Quiet City Design Was Built

After graduating with a university degree in Fine Arts – Music, and struggling for a couple of years to figure out what I was doing, I happened to be sitting on the subway train heading home one night.

I was staring at one of the many ads and had a “Matrix” moment, where every layer and element of the poster expanded in my vision and I could see it’s separated components.

“Pfff… I could do that,” I said to myself.

And then the proverbial light bulb popped up over my head!

“I could do that… and people could pay me!”

As a life-long musician, art and design had always been another expression of my creativity.  I went back to school to learn my craft and started working freelance design gigs at night while I cut my teeth in a high-profile promotional marketing company during the day.

Eventually, the freelance gigs got bigger and more advanced, moving from print to web, email, video and other interactive strategies.  I quit the day job and went all in with Quiet City Design.

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