Sometimes you miss a call.
We get it...
Your customers don't.

Reconnect with missed callers with AI text messages before they start calling your competitors.

Win a customer that you might have lost

Prospects are most likely to interact with you instead of contacting one of your competitors when they get a text from you immediately after they place a call.

Provide better customer service

By sending a missed call text, your customers can interact with you in real-time and perhaps even get their questions answered or their issue solved.

Get to know your customers

A missed call text allows you to interact with customers and prospects, even if you can’t get to the phone. You can ask them to share their inquiries via text and offer to reply as soon as possible.

You Could Be Missing 80% Of Your New Business Opportunities...

The following statistics might come as a shock.

62% of phone calls placed to small businesses go unanswered.

Only 20% of people leave voicemails. You may never speak to the other 80% of missed calls.

At first glance, this number might seem unreasonably high. After all, you’re not ignoring the phone when it rings, and you almost always have someone answering calls, even during the lunch hour.

But, it makes sense if you stop to think about it. This figure also takes into account calls placed outside of your office hours. If your office opens at 8 am and closes at 5 pm, you’re likely getting at least a few phone calls right before you open and immediately after you close.

Another possibility is that someone gets directed to voicemail because you’re already on the line and can’t get to their call.

A Missed Call Hurts Your Business In Many Ways

We tend to think of all modern communication as digital, but the truth is that 80% of business conversations still take place over the phone. When you miss a call, not only are you missing out on potential revenue, but you’re providing a subpar customer experience.

Lost Prospects

Someone who was interested in doing business with you might move to the next name on the list. If you’re a dentist with an average lifetime customer value of $3,000, or a contractor dealing with $15,000 renovations, those missed calls add up to a lot of money!

Missed Learning Opportunities

If you don’t talk to a prospect on the phone, you don’t get to learn how they heard about you, if they evaluated any of your competitors, and what the exact service is that they’re looking for and why. As you build a client database, this information is vital.

Wasted Ad Dollars

Do you advertise on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Google? If your ad has a call to action of “Click to Call” and you miss those calls, you’re throwing money away. Those clicks cost money in the range between $2 and $15.

Complaint Escalation

An impatient or irate client that is trying to reach your office unsuccessfully may channel their anger to social media and review channels. Not being available to talk them down from a ledge can be costly to your reputation.

Damaged Relationships

Clients that repeatedly get sent to voicemail with no acknowledgment that their message was received are bound to feel unimportant. Sending an instant reply to their call with a text explaining why you didn’t get to the phone and when you’ll call them back will go a long way toward helping them maintain a positive view of your business.

How "Missed Call Texts" Works

Add Trackable Phone number to biz

You get a virtual local or toll-free phone number which can be used anywhere on the web or print materials. The phone number is monitored for calls and texts. 

You can add it to your website contact page, your online directory listings, your Google Business Profile, business cards, store signage, magazine ads, flyers, direct mail… anywhere that your potential customers will see and use your phone number.

Calls are forwarded to your regular phone

When a lead or customer calls the number, the system forwards the voice call directly to your primary phone. It works just like your regular phone call, without revealing your personal information.

Missed calls trigger text response automation.

If you can’t accept the voice call before the time-out period, the caller can leave a voicemail or hang up. The system automatically sends a text message back to the caller with a short note and question. 

This nearly always engages the caller in a text-based conversation, while sparing you a few minutes to reply or call the customer back.

Keep track of contacts and follow-up with an intuitive app.

As you receive calls and texts to your virtual phone number, our native ChatApp (for iOS and Android) gives you a simple way to track calls and texts, build a contact profile list and follow up with leads and customers directly and instantly.

Here’s What You’ll Love About Missed Call Texts

Works 24/7

You don’t have to hire more staff to serve more customers. Missed call texts work for you without extra headcount and even work after hours. Your customers are taken care of even when you’re closed.

Automatic and Easy

You, your receptionist or your team can now handle serving more than one customer at a time without putting anyone on hold. Everyone wins!

Custom, Friendly Messages

Automated texts don’t have to be robotic. Deliver warm and welcoming customer service by customizing your missed call text messages.

Convenient For Customers

Your customers are texting more often than they’re answering their phones. Answer their questions or schedule an appointment for them via texting.

  • Let your callers know that they’ve reached the right number.
  • Immediately respond to new customers even when you’re busy.
  • Eliminate the risk of losing prospects to competitors by responding promptly.
  • Showcase your company and brand by including images, custom text, and hyperlinks.
  • Save time by having a standard text response to new missed calls.
  • There’s no need to write out the same texts to multiple missed callers.
  • Provide new callers with important information about your business such as business hours, physical address and your company website so you don’t have to answer every call.

Text-Back Missed Callers Automatically And Watch Your Business Thrive!

Win a customer that you might have lost 
If your prospect gets a text from you immediately after they place a call, they’re more likely to interact with you instead of contacting one of your competitors.

Provide better customer service 
Small businesses might not have the staff to immediately return a call (or even check their voicemails). By sending a missed call text, your customers can interact with you in real-time and perhaps even get their questions answered or their issue solved.

Get to know your customers 
A missed call text allows you to interact with customers and prospects, even if you can’t get to the phone. You can ask them to share their inquiries via text and offer to reply as soon as possible.

Text-Back Missed Calls

Ideal for Solo Business Operators
$ 59 per month
  • Local Area Code Or Toll-Free Phone Number
  • Inbound Call Forwarding
  • Unlimited Contacts & Text Messages
  • Robust Contact List Management
  • Add Tasks & Notes to Contacts & Conversations
  • Simple Smartphone App (Android & iOS)
  • $200 One-time Setup Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Text-Back Missed Calls operates using a native iOS or Android app called Lead Connector.  This app connects to your account and gives you total control over your contacts, messages, notes, and tasks.

Yes, in fact, you will still receive incoming calls from the virtual number on your primary phone. However, if you don’t take the call, the automation takes over and begins the text messaging. You maintain the text conversation using the Lead Connector app on your smartphone.

Yes, you can!  Using the Lead Connector app on your smartphone, you can call out to any contact in your directory.  Outbound calls use your local or toll-free virtual number, so you never reveal your personal phone number!

Our contracts are all month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.  That said, once you start using Lead Connector and Text-Back Missed Calls, and realize how much time and energy you’re saving, you won’t want to give it up!

I personally read and respond to every email, SMS and web chat message. If you have a question or issue, you will get a response within minutes during regular business hours, and within the next business day outside of business hours.

Reclaim the lost 80% of leads!

No more missed messages and sales opportunities.
Be the first vendor your customer speaks with.
Close more new business in less time.


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