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Leverage the power of automation to put your MarketingSales, Review Generation and Customer Service on Auto-Pilot!


We look at the gaps and inefficiencies of your marketing and business processes and create systems to work smarter, not harder.


The strategies and systems we develop together will activate a greater reach, higher response and stronger reputation with your customer-base.


The true power of your marketing system is in scaling the results without increasing the effort. Automating your systems means you can focus on what you do best – serving your customers!

Why Partner With Quiet City Design?

Time is a precious resource none of us can afford to waste.

I create the most effective solutions for your business and marketing challenges, then automate them so you don’t need to worry about learning another app, platform or device.

With more than 23 years of experience in graphic design, website development, social media, email and text marketing, ecommerce, print and digital advertising, I’ve been a part of the dramatic changes and dynamic shifts in the marketing world.

Len Marshall

Owner & Director
Quiet City Design

Hands-Free Tools & Services To
Find, Connect And Win More Customers!

Automate Your Online Reviews

Improve your ratings, build your reputation, and get found online by sending review requests via text to recent customers, responding to and interacting with reviewers, and managing it all from a single inbox.

Get More Customers

Activate Your VIP Customer List

Send your best customers reminders and incentives to return more often and to spend more with each visit. SMS has the highest delivery and open rates of any communications channel!

Boost Revenue

White-Glove WordPress Service

Stop wrestling with your WordPress website! Let the experts handle everything - all the software updates, all the security precautions, all the backups... even all your content updates and changes!

Save Time

All-In-One Messaging

Bring all of your chats, texts, reviews and direct messages into one simple app. Respond in real-time to every Facebook, Google and Instagram message, website chatbot and online review.

Get More Customers

Instant Text Back Missed Calls

Never lose an opportunity because you couldn't answer a call! Using a tracking phone number and AI, you can reconnect with potential customers after a missed call and reclaim the opportunity.

Get More Customers

VIP Website As A Service

We develop websites that are a foundation of an integrated marketing system, designed to get you more customers. It would cost thousands of dollars and months to do this on your own, but we handle it all for you for one low monthly fee.

Save Time

Text-Enable Your Landline

Customers are texting and smart businesses are joining the conversation. Add text capabilities to your existing and familiar landline phone number and reclaim a new generation of customers that prefer texting.

Get More Customers

Automate Your Social Media

Social Media requires constant publishing of interesting and sharable content, often with time consuming effort. Hand over the extra responsibility for creating and managing your content strategy.

Save Time

Birthday Activation Campaigns

Attract new customers to your business with special birthday gift offers leading up to their special day. Be the first place they think of to celebrate with their friends and family!

Boost Revenue

Our Perfect Partners

These are a few of the industries and niche businesses that benefit most from partnering with Quiet City Design.

Home Service Pro's

Whether you have a team or you're a one-person operation, you need a mobile solution to manage appointments, communicate with customers, collect payments and ask for reviews. Universal Inbox Plus is the tool for you!

Boost Your Service Business

Coaches & Trainers

Your challenge is juggling multiple platforms to set appointments, deliver files, process intake forms and surveys, manage reminders, and deliver your educational programs and course materials. Now you can do it all in one platform!

Elevate Your Coaching Practice


With some of the highest foot traffic and churn rate of any industry, it's up to every restaurant to connect with customers and remind them to visit again. VIP Clubs, email & SMS offers and Loyalty Rewards are just the start!

Spice Up Your Marketing

Retail & Specialty Boutique

Customers come and go. Capture their contact info and remind them to come back more often (and spend more when they do.) Strategic text messaging ensures your offers reach your customers and hook them!

Retail Marketing Successes

Real Estate

Gaining the attention and trust of potential home buyers is easy when you can keep the conversation going across multiple channels. Start a website chat and move to texts & voice calls, emails and social messenger. Automate your inbound interest with property-specific drip campaigns!

Property Promotion Tips

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