Len Marshall

5 Marketing Trends for the Covid-19 Era

Who would have thought that a global pandemic would rock 2020? Just four short months ago, life was plugging along as usual, and businesses were implementing their 2020 marketing strategy to reach their yearly goals. But then, all of a sudden, COVID-19 had us hunkered down in our homes, just trying to figure out how

5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Profiles to Get More Leads

Your business doubtlessly has at least some sort of social media presence. And, hopefully, you’re using it to rake in leads like nobody’s business. But if you’re struggling in the lead department, or if you just want more paying customers, consider implementing the following 5 methods to optimize your social profiles and start generating more

Generate Customer Orders On-Demand with VIP Club Text Messages

Time: Accumulative day-by-dayEffectiveness: Immediate and Long-termReturn: Extremely high This is my favourite strategy, being the most effective solution for short- and long-term customer loyalty. It works by inviting your existing customers to join your VIP Club to get exclusive, special offers and free upgrades. Customers opt-in by sending you a special text message from their

Be Role Models To Your Community

Time: 30 seconds as neededEffectiveness: Immediate and Long-termReturn: High Did you hear about the ice cream shop in BC that closed after being shamed online? Jae Bee reposted her friend’s photo of the customer lineup outside the Rocky Point Cream shop and blamed the owners for putting their customers at risk. The backlash of comments

Retarget Website Visitors With Facebook Ads

Time: 2-3 hoursEffectiveness: Immediate and Long-termReturn: High When someone visits your website and leaves without calling, emailing or ordering something, they will likely never return. But you can chase them back on Facebook! Facebook has a special invisible tracking pixel you can add to your website. When someone visits your website, their browser saves the

Sign Up with All Delivery Services

Time: 1-3 daysEffectiveness: ModerateReturn: High Now that dining rooms are closed and people are encouraged to stay home, restaurants are dependent on delivery services like Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes and DoorDash. Not everyone likes using Uber Eats. DoorDash doesn’t always serve the full delivery area you’d like. For whatever reason, it’s important to be