Be Role Models To Your Community

Time: 30 seconds as needed
Effectiveness: Immediate and Long-term
Return: High

Did you hear about the ice cream shop in BC that closed after being shamed online? Jae Bee reposted her friend’s photo of the customer lineup outside the Rocky Point Cream shop and blamed the owners for putting their customers at risk. The backlash of comments forced them to shut down.

We all know the importance of social distancing and our role in reducing the spread of the virus. Putting it into practice is the real challenge, especially working in a busy kitchen with a line of delivery drivers crowding around your front door.

Mark off a tape line on the floor to show the safe distance that people can enter to from your door. Then mark off the next safe line for a lineup to form. Post a sign indicating you require drivers and customers to keep a safe distance from you, and each other, while waiting for the order.

  • Tape mark your safe zones and verbally reinforce it as needed. You won’t be seen as rude, just concerned for people’s health
  • Post a sign in the window stating your COVID-19 safety process for kitchen staff, your customers and delivery drivers.
  • Post a sign with your phone number and have drivers wait outside for their orders
  • Put numbered pages spaced across your window like the grocery store pickup parking spots to keep waiting drivers and customers separated

Be a role model and demonstrate leadership in these challenging times. Your customers will remember it for years to come.

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