Leverage Delivery Services as Customer Acquisition Assets

Time: 2 hours setup, 5 seconds each delivery
Effectiveness: Immediate
Return: High

Now that dining-in is off the table, your entire restaurant service is going out the door. Restaurant owners tend to hate relying on 3rd-party delivery services. They take a big percentage of your profits and you get no customer interaction. You can’t even find out who’s ordering from you and how frequently.

When you change your perspective and leverage the food delivery into a customer acquisition delivery, you’ll see more customers calling and ordering directly with you.

Every bag that goes out of your restaurant needs to have something to connect with each customer – a discount coupon, join a social media page/group or, best of all, an invitation to join your text-message VIP Club (see page 11).

  • Every. Single. Bag.
  • Every. Single. Customer.

The goal is to make a connection with the customer and establish some form of communication with the customer that you can control. When you can reach out to customers you know, you’ll have an easier time drawing them in for more orders.

You’ll also incentivize them to come directly to your restaurant, saving you the deep commission fees of Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes.

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