Facebook Viral Check-In Contests

  • Branded Promotional Resources
  • Hands-Free Management
  • Referral-Driven Customers

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Reach Hundreds Of Referral Customers With The Viral Power of Facebook But Without Paying For Expensive And Confusing Facebook Ads Campaigns!

The most effective promotion for your restaurant is a happy customer’s personal recommendation to all of their online friends, complete with a photo of them enjoying your food!

Their post would appear to all their friends along with the location of your restaurant, your reviews and restaurants hours, recommendations and link to your business page!

A personal promotion like that would be seen by hundreds of people on Facebook for days and weeks, without having to pay for boosts or complicated advertising fees!

The Power of Facebook Check-Ins

Personal Referral

Link to Facebook Page

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Introducing "Facebook Viral Check-In Contest Program"

Here's How It Works:

  • Eye-Popping Promotional Resources

    We provide you with designs for signs, posters and/or cards to promote your Check-In contest in-store or in food bags.

  • Simple & Creative Contest

    Check-in to your business on Facebook with a photo and/or comment to be entered into the contest. Prizes are awarded monthly according to the contest conditions.

  • Instant Customer Referrals

    Customers use their phones to check-in on the Facebook app, adding their own comments and photos. The check-in appears as a post on their timeline and is shared to all their Facebook friends, including their personal referral, link to your Facebook page, your business name, address and map location, plus your reviews and business hours and information!

  • Viral Engagement

    Your customer's check-in post gets a lot of engagement from their friends (Likes, Reactions, Comments and Shares) which keeps it active in other people's feeds.
    This is where check-ins have much more power than paid ads, as personal recommendations are widely accepted over any other type of advertising!

  • Customer Conversions

    We prepare your Facebook Page to engage new visitors with great content to Like, Share and comment on, then convert them into customers with easy ways to connect and chat, and quick and appealing offers.

  • Relationship-Building

    We also report your customer's check-in posts on your own Facebook page with a personalized comment and tag to the customer. THis builds a stronger personal relationship with the customer and boosts your Facebook Page's content and social proof in the eyes of your visitors and customers.

  • It's A Win-Win

    At the end of the month, a check-in customer is selected to win the contest. The winner is announced on your Facebook Page. We follow up with a direct Messenger note to tell them how to redeem their prize. We report to you the number of check-ins, number of engagements and the reach of the contestants during the campaign.

We Do All The Work
You Get All The New Customers!

  • Branded Promotional Resources

    We provide you with all the designs to promote your Check-In contest, month after month!

  • Hands-Free Management

    We track, repost, comment and report everything for you, so you can focus on your business!

  • Referral-Driven Customers

    Your business gets flooded with online and in-store traffic directly from personal referrals and recommendations on Facebook!

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