Facebook Viral Check-In Contests

$149.00 / month with a 33-day free trial and a $349.00 sign-up fee

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$149.00 / month with a 33-day free trial and a $349.00 sign-up fee

Reach Hundreds Of Referral Customers With The Viral Power of Facebook But Without Paying For Expensive And Confusing Facebook Ads Campaigns!

The most effective promotion for your restaurant is a happy customer’s personal recommendation to all of their online friends, complete with a photo of them enjoying your food!

Their post would appear to all their friends along with the location of your restaurant, your reviews and restaurants hours, recommendations and link to your business page!

A personal promotion like that would be seen by hundreds of people on Facebook for days and weeks, without having to pay for boosts or complicated advertising fees!

The Power of Facebook Check-Ins

Personal Referral

Link to Facebook Page

Map Location

Recommended by
Trusted Names

Reviews & Business

Introducing "Facebook Viral Check-In Contest Program"

Here's How It Works:

We Do All The Work
You Get All The New Customers!

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