Switch to Switchboard 30-Day Challenge

From: $79.00 / month with a 31-day free trial

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From: $79.00 / month with a 31-day free trial

Switch to Switchboard – Take The 30-Day Challenge

I’ll admit it: Chatbots are kind of a cool idea…
It would be great having a robot handle all of your online sales and customer service for you so you can focus on what you do best – serving customers and fulfilling orders.

But in reality, your customers don’t want to negotiate a conversation with a robot.
They don’t want to navigate the bot program to get the information they need right now.
They want to connect with a person that can answer their specific questions and solve their unique problem.

With website chatbots, you don’t really have any control over the conversation until the bot’s program runs out if the customer hasn’t given up in frustration first!

With website chatbots, the opportunity to communicate with your prospect is limited to that single visit and only if they activate your chatbot at all! Most times, you can’t restart a stalled conversation to follow up or move toward closing a sale.

So if you’ve got a “helpful” chatbot on your website, you might be losing more customers and prospects every day.

Let’s just imagine a better way to communicate for a moment…

What if that popup on your website connected you and your visitor instantly, in real-time via text messages?

What if the customer could ask for a call (now or later) and be connected to you within seconds?

And what if you could pick up and continue that connection anytime, anywhere… automatically?

Switchboard does all of that, and a lot more!

Your customers and prospects can send a quick message to you (or any of your business departments) and be connected by 2-way SMS text messages or automated call connections within seconds.

Switchboard uses push notifications, texts and phone calls to connect you with active customers and hot leads exactly when they need you.

You’ll never miss an opportunity because you weren’t sitting at your laptop watching for chat activity on your website or because the notification email dropped into your spam or promotions folder.

Then you can continue the conversation or send marketing messages anytime, using the best and fastest form of communication with the highest delivery and open rate of any other channel!

Because Switchboard uses its own phone number, you’ll never have to reveal your personal cellphone number or risk CRTC & CASL legal penalties.

And Switchboard doesn’t just send text messages… Using Switchboard’s A.I. automation, you can send:

  • Internal admin notifications
  • Pre-recorded voicemail messages
  • MMS photos & graphics
  • Vcards for phone contacts
  • Set call connections
  • Emails with attachments
  • Links to websites or social networks

All are scheduled automatically or triggered according to your customer’s interactions!

Switchboard works on desktop computers and tablets and even has a dedicated app for your smartphone. You can literally take it to go, anywhere and anytime!

How could you use Switchboard?

Whether you’re a solo business operator or have a team working for you, Switchboard can make you look better organized and trustworthy by directing customers to departments or services. It also helps you stay on top of customer service and inquiries.

Eg: Switchboard popup widgets can direct visitors to your Sales, Returns, Support, Accounting, or any other department you have (or want to convey). Departments can have any number of people assigned to them, so that when a call or text comes in, the right person picks it up right away.

Switchboard can also do the heavy lifting in your advertising and marketing strategy, too!

Add a text keyword to your print ads, flyers, lawn signs, business cards, vehicles, window graphics, and social posts – anywhere your customers can see you – and kickstart your sales process with automated messages and call connections!

Eg: Change your ad’s “To Schedule a Free Quote, Call Us Today at 416-555-9090” to “Text QUOTES to 416-555-9090 to start your free estimate now!” The sender instantly gets a text message with a link to your quote form, you get a notification with their name and phone number, and 10 minutes later your phone rings to connect with the lead.

Miss a call? Automatically text the caller back and arrange calls, and appointments or handle customer service within seconds instead of hours. Get back to your potential customers before they connect with your competition!

Eg: A potential customer calls your Switchboard number but you’re on the road, on another call or servicing another customer, and can’t take the call. Switchboard recognizes the missed call and sends the caller a text “Sorry we missed your call. How can we help?” Now the customer can send a quick text reply and keep the communication going.

You can send individual or bulk texts with Switchboard. Remind a customer of an upcoming appointment or let your whole list know about a new product.

Challenge: Accepted!

Take Switchboard for a spin for 30 days for free.

No setup fees, no usage limits, no contact restrictions.

If using Switchboard doesn’t help you close more deals, sign up more customers, or help improve your customer service, you can walk away and go back to your old chatbot, no questions asked.

The risk is all on me. You have nothing to lose.

But wait, there’s more!

Using Switchboard is simple and extremely effective, but I want to make sure you get the most value from this 30-day challenge, so I’m including the following bonuses for free.

  1. Free national 800 phone number with inbound call monitoring. ($240 value)
  2. 30-minute consultation and account configuration. (reg. $150)
  3. Three Done-For-You automation campaigns. ($300 value)
  4. Admin Onboarding and staff training video. ($100 value)
  5. Google Business Profile integration. (normally $50-$75)

PLUS, if you sign up for Switchboard during the 30-day trial, I’ll waive the setup fee (a $300 value).

Start your challenge today. Click “Sign Up Now” and complete the no-cost checkout.

Once processed, you’ll get an email with instructions and the next steps to schedule the onboarding call to get set up.




Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read the terms and conditions listed below. By subscribing, you indicate your acceptance and understanding regarding each individual term or condition.

Setup – This is what gets done for you in the first 7 days of your campaign:

    1. Discovery Call: During our call, we will get an understanding of your current workflow for sales, customer onboarding, service and long-term follow-up.
    2. System & Process Setup: After we have completed our discovery process we will build out a simple document to implement into the software system.
    3. Keyword Tags: We will identify common keywords your customers will use to automatically send text messages when those common questions are asked. We will also create a set of keywords to segment your current customers and prospects to be able to easily mass communicate with them.
    4. Message Templates: We will create a set of common questions & messages to improve workflow and improve customer experience.
    5. Automation: We will set up the message automation that we determined during our discovery call.
    6. Widget Setup: We will customize & configure the text & call widget to install on your website.
    7. Departments & Locations: If you have different departments or multiple locations we will set that up in the system & on the widgets.
    8. Users: We will set up all the necessary users & notifications for each of those users.
    9. Integrations: We will integrate our software platform with any existing CRM’s or other software platforms to build out automated tasks to improve workflow.
    10. Training: We will schedule a time with all of the staff that are going to be using the platform and do extensive training. This will be recorded for future reference.

Monthly Ongoing Services:

    1. Software Improvements: We continue to improve our software and we will provide additional training and documentation as new features roll out.
    2. Ongoing Support: We will provide ongoing support and training for any new & existing employees.
    3. Software License: We will provide ongoing access to the software during the term of this agreement.

All monthly packages include up to 3 users per account, widget installation scripts, unlimited contacts, unlimited keyword tags, and unlimited automation campaigns.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

The minimum duration of this contract is 6 months. If you choose to cancel within the initial 6 months, you are responsible to pay the entire amount remaining on the contract. We do not offer any kind of refund. After 6 months the contract goes from month to month. If you choose to cancel you must give 30 days’ notice.


Switchboard is owned and operated by Quiet City Design. All work performed under this Agreement shall be done in accordance with Quiet City Design’s internally developed best practices for digital marketing. Quiet City Design makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, any favour to the client or website belonging to the client as a result of using Switchboard. The Client hereby acknowledges a full understanding of these terms. Quiet City Design shall not be liable for any claim or right to recover damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profit or data, or other similar claims, even if we have been specifically advised of the possibility of such damages.


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