Using SMS Marketing to Promote Time-Sensitive Sales & Offers

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Are you discouraged by the consistent lack of engagement and response from your email marketing efforts? It’s time to rethink your strategy.

Why You Should Rethink SMS Marketing

With most people checking their phones every 10 minutes, the SMS open rate is a staggering 98%, leaving email behind at only 21%. The COVID-19 pandemic has also led to a 20% increase in SMS business marketing.

SMS marketing is a powerful tool to grow your business, and using it to promote sales and discounts is a smart strategy. It provides a branded, personal sales channel that connects with customers where they are, at the right time and with the right message. By tracking buying patterns, you can customize promotions that resonate with your customers and create a sense of personal attention, building customer engagement and loyalty.

Send The Right Message At The Right Time

Imagine a customer who recently bought a summer dress from your fashion store. You can send them a text message like this: “Hi [First_Name], we noticed that you recently purchased a summer dress from [Store_Name]. How about completing your summer look with a matching pair of sandals? Take advantage of our exclusive offer and save 20% off on your next purchase with code SUMMER20. Visit our website at [Link] now.”

Similarly, you can use cross-promotion on social media to drive traffic to your website and brick-and-mortar store. For example, “Hey [First_Name], did you know that [Store_Name] is now on TikTok? Follow us now and receive 20% off your next purchase in-store or online. Show this text at checkout to redeem your discount. We appreciate your support!”

By creating timely, personalized and relevant promotions, you can generate buzz and drive sales, all while building a loyal customer base.

Getting Started

If you’re curious about how to integrate SMS marketing into your business model, schedule a free Discovery Call with Len Marshall at Quiet City Design. Together, you’ll uncover some surprising and powerful ways text messaging can boost revenue and save you time and energy.

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