Five ways realtors can (and should) use SMS marketing in 2023

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In recent years, SMS marketing has become an increasingly popular tool for businesses, and it’s no different for realtors. In 2023, text message marketing will be a must-have in any real estate agent’s arsenal of tools. Here are five ways realtors can (and should) use SMS marketing to stay ahead of the competition in 2023.

1. Send Instant Updates

Realtors can use SMS marketing to instantly inform their clients about new listings or changes to existing listings. This will help keep them up-to-date and in the loop with all the latest information about their potential home purchase. To do this, create a message template that lets your clients opt-in to receive instant updates from you via text message. For example: “Hey [Name], I just posted a great new listing! Reply YES if you’d like me to send you regular updates on [neighborhood] homes for sale via text message.”

2. Schedule Appointments

Realtors can use SMS messaging to quickly book appointments with potential clients by sending a simple text reminder or appointment confirmation message right before the scheduled time. Include an automated link directly to your calendar app in the message so they can easily confirm or reschedule their appointment with just one tap! Sample message: “Hey [Name], this is a reminder that we have an appointment scheduled for 3PM today at [address]. Tap here to confirm or reschedule: [Link]”

3. Send Reminders & Follow-Ups

Realtors can stay top of mind by sending follow up messages after meetings or phone calls with potential clients, thanking them for their time and reminding them of upcoming deadlines or events related to their search for a new home. For example: “Hi [Name], thanks again for taking the time to meet with me yesterday! Just wanted to remind you that our deadline for submitting offers on [Address] is next Friday at 5PM – let me know if you have any questions by replying YES!”

4. Promote Open Houses & Events

Text messages are a great way to promote open houses and other events related to buying/selling homes in your area or specific neighborhoods where you specialize in selling homes. Sample message: “Hi there! I am hosting an open house event this Saturday from 3-5pm at [Address]. Come check out this beautiful home – reply YES if you would like more details about it!”

5. Offer Special Discounts & Promotions

Realtors can use SMS messaging as part of their overall promotional strategy by offering discounts, promotions and incentives exclusively available via text message. Sample message: “Hey there! We are having a special promotion on our listing at [Address] – reply YES if you would like 10% off when you purchase within the next week!”

By leveraging SMS marketing strategies such as these, realtors will be able to stay ahead of the competition and make sure their clients get the best deals when buying or selling their home in 2023 – and beyond!

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