9 Free Market Research Tools You Should Be Using To Grow Your Business

You can’t provide the best products or services to your customers without knowing what they need. And for that, market research is crucial. As a business owner, you should always aim to supply products and services that help your customers. One thing that can help you in this matter, is an excellent research tool. But

A Beautiful Gift to My Business

I’m so excited! This is a BIG DAY! Here I was, working away on an email newsletter for a cause-based community group I help with website development and marketing, head down and getting it done… DING! A Google My Business notification! I have a new review! Wait… What? A 1-Star Review from Garland Berube Who?

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How to Create 5-Minute Social Posts In Canva

We’ve all seen them: social profiles that are virtually swimming in beautiful, high-quality social media posts. Everything matches, the colours are all complementary, and the company behind the profile never misses a day of posting. It seems too good to be true, right? Either that or the brand has a massive, well-funded marketing department you

5 Marketing Trends for the Covid-19 Era

Who would have thought that a global pandemic would rock 2020? Just four short months ago, life was plugging along as usual, and businesses were implementing their 2020 marketing strategy to reach their yearly goals. But then, all of a sudden, COVID-19 had us hunkered down in our homes, just trying to figure out how

5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Profiles to Get More Leads

Your business doubtlessly has at least some sort of social media presence. And, hopefully, you’re using it to rake in leads like nobody’s business. But if you’re struggling in the lead department, or if you just want more paying customers, consider implementing the following 5 methods to optimize your social profiles and start generating more

Free Download Restaurant Social Graphics

Free Restaurant Social Graphics These are dangerous times, especially for restaurant owners. If your restaurant is going to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, you must reach your customers and let them know that they can still order food from you. We've prepared a huge collection of more than 120 different graphics ready to use on your

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